Training Evolved

Maximize your workout by being intentional with what you put on your body, not in your body. 

The science of Fractional Loading™

Traditional is not our style — which is why we decided to revolutionize the weigh vest. Our form-fitting design distributes the load evenly across your body with the precise amount of weight to be beneficial without being uncomfortable.

Fractional Loading™

Loading 3-5% of your body weight evenly across your upper body increases your workout’s output.

Compression Fit

Compression around your core engages your muscles resulting in enhanced toning, balance, and posture.

Heat Detox

Capturing the body’s energy to heat your core creates a healthy sweat, resulting in detoxification.

Functional Fashion

Aion vests are tailored to be worn throughout your day so your health benefits don’t stop once you leave the gym. Fully functional and completely comfortable, make every movement of the day count.

Compression fit conforms to
the body for a comfortable
fit and full range of motion

FORTIFIES muscles,
and tendons

Increases bone density,
reduces risk of injury and
improves performance

Born with a tenacious spirit

Our founder Brent Yates thinks that “average” sucks and believes you can’t be successful with just a great product. “It’s about creating a great culture just as much as it is about creating a great product,” Brent Yates. His heart for inspiring and elevating those around him is the bedrock of the company and the reason behind the vest. Brent believes in being intentional to create a resilient mind, body and soul.

The Aion vest fits like a second skin and is designed to challenge muscle groups that are otherwise overlooked. Aion offers positive tension in every movement allowing impact at a higher level.

Maximize Your Gains

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